Alternative Energy News

04/13/2015 06:35 AM
The Spherical Sun Power Generator
04/09/2015 02:55 AM
Hydrogen-Powered Tram Developed in China
04/02/2015 03:05 AM
The WaterNest: An Eco-Friendly Floating House
04/01/2015 03:35 AM
Floating Solar Panels: A Viable Solution?
03/31/2015 02:10 AM
France Passes Green Rooftop Law
03/30/2015 02:11 AM
Apple Electric Car: Concept Photos
03/27/2015 02:33 AM
The Bigfoot Electric Monster Truck
03/26/2015 02:18 AM
Top 10 Green Cars – 2015 Vancouver Auto Show

Renewable Energy Headlines

04/02/2015 03:05 AM
The WaterNest: An Eco-Friendly Floating House
03/31/2015 02:10 AM
France Passes Green Rooftop Law
03/11/2015 02:24 AM
How Recycled CO2 is Changing the Manufacturing Landscape
03/02/2015 03:32 AM
Google Biodome: New Headquarters to Blend with Environment
02/22/2015 07:23 PM
The Benefits of Solar Power (Infographic)
04/29/2011 04:37 PM
Oriental Hornet: Expert Solar Power Harvester
04/27/2011 06:35 PM
Brooklyn Bridge Park: Greenest Destination in New York City
04/25/2011 07:20 PM
Pepsi’s New Green PET Bottle

Biofuel news

04/06/2011 02:37 AM
Common Algae for Biofuel Butanol Production
03/28/2011 02:01 AM
The New Role of Microbes in Bio-Fuel Production
11/30/2010 02:13 AM
Forecasting Wind Data with Cell Phone Towers
07/20/2010 02:35 PM
Fuel Additive Production Takes the Green Route
07/12/2010 02:02 AM
Scientists Revisit Power from Potatoes
06/21/2010 02:09 AM
Synthetic Fuel from CO2 and Solar Energy?
06/01/2010 05:42 PM
Giant Inflatable Airship Powered by Algae
05/10/2010 03:46 AM
Two Wind Farms get Investment from Google
05/06/2010 02:00 AM
Affordable Solar Power with Purple Pokeberries?
05/03/2010 02:50 AM
Engineers Tap Algae Cells for Electricity

Hydrogen Fuel Cell News

04/09/2015 02:55 AM
Hydrogen-Powered Tram Developed in China
03/26/2015 02:18 AM
Top 10 Green Cars – 2015 Vancouver Auto Show
04/18/2011 02:34 AM
Hydrogen Generation & Storage Made Easy with Nano-Technology
03/14/2011 02:10 AM
Ramanathan’s Work on Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells
09/21/2010 02:06 AM
Hydrogen-Powered Personal Helicopter
06/29/2010 02:17 PM
New Process to Boost Hydrogen Fuel Cell Usage
05/05/2010 01:59 AM
New Platinum Could Mean Cheaper, More Efficient Fuel Cells
05/04/2010 02:07 AM
Hydrogen Gas Production Doubled with New Super Bacterium

Solar Energy News

04/13/2015 06:35 AM
The Spherical Sun Power Generator
04/02/2015 03:05 AM
The WaterNest: An Eco-Friendly Floating House
04/01/2015 03:35 AM
Floating Solar Panels: A Viable Solution?
03/31/2015 02:10 AM
France Passes Green Rooftop Law

Wind Power News

03/23/2015 02:08 AM
Tree Shaped Wind Turbines to be Installed in Paris
03/16/2015 02:27 AM
The Eiffel Tower Installs Two Wind Turbines
03/15/2015 02:24 AM
Possible Dual Rotor Technology for Wind Turbines
03/08/2015 03:40 AM
Meet the Makani Energy Kite
03/05/2015 03:29 AM
The Lateral Axis Wind Turbine
04/24/2011 06:34 PM
Flying Wind Farms: Future Power Harvesters
04/04/2011 02:20 AM
The Empire State Building: Brighter & Greener
03/16/2011 02:00 AM
Increasing the Efficiency of Wind Turbine Blades

Google News: Algae Fuel

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Blogs: Algae Fuel

04/17/2012 11:05 PM
Algae-based Biofuel: Pros And Cons
04/17/2012 10:58 PM
NASA one step closer to turning algae into fuel
04/17/2012 10:54 PM
Algaedyne plants a future for renewable fuels
04/17/2012 10:49 PM
Sapphire Energy Gets $144 Million To Turn Algae Into Gasoline
04/17/2012 10:43 PM
New method grows algae sustainably
03/19/2012 08:46 PM
W2 Energy Initiates Plans to Develop Two Acres of Recently Purchased Property for its Algae Bio Reactor
03/19/2012 08:40 PM
World Biofuels Markets Opens with Debates on Aviation, Food Versus Fuel, Algae, Waste-to-Fuel, Emerging Markets and more
03/19/2012 08:35 PM
Future in Review Names Heliae a FiRe X FiReStarter

12/04/2016 02:59 PM
Rolling back environmental progress?
Having achieved major goals, US should refocus EPA and other environmental agencies Guest essay by Paul Driessen Donald Trump plans to “roll back progress” on climate change, energy and the environment, activists, regulators and their media allies assert. The claim depends on one’s definition of “progress.” These interest groups define “progress” as ever-expanding laws, regulations,…
12/04/2016 12:24 PM
Roger Pielke Jr.: My unhappy life as a climate heretic
My research was attacked by thought police in journalism, activist groups funded by billionaires and even the White House. By Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. writing in the Wall Street Journal h/t to multiple sources Much to my surprise, I showed up in the WikiLeaks releases before the election. In a 2014 email, a staffer at…
12/04/2016 12:09 PM
New website provides strong evidence of the recent warming slowdown
Guest essay by Sheldon Walker A new website has been created, which offers a new perspective on global warming. The website is called “” Temperature series like Gistemp or UAH, are turned into 2 dimensional coloured graphs, called global warming contour maps. A contour map is basically a colour coded collection of thousands of linear…
12/03/2016 11:39 PM
Stephen Hawking: “Most dangerous time for our Planet” because We aren’t listening to our Betters
Guest essay by Eric Worrall Scientist Stephen Hawking wants to find a way to convince people to stop voting for Trump, and to start listening to people like him again, to save the planet from climate change and national borders. This is the most dangerous time for our planet Stephen Hawking We can’t go on…
12/03/2016 03:14 PM
SHOCK: The ‘Father of global warming’, James Hansen, dials back alarm
James Hansen: We Have a Little More Time After All (Whew!) By Robert Bradley Jr. “Contrary to the impression favored by governments, the corner has not been turned toward declining emissions and GHG amounts…. Negative CO2 emissions, i. e., extraction of CO2 from the air, is now required.” – James Hansen, “Young People’s Burden.” October…
12/03/2016 03:31 AM
“Good Grief”: A Support Group for the Climate Faithful
Guest essay by Eric Worrall Political activist Laura Schmidt has created the “Good Grief” support group, to help depressed eco-activists work through their climate grief. Sad about climate change? There’s a support group for that. A new program, reflecting lessons from Alcoholics Anonymous, aims to help people work through their grief about climate change. The…
12/02/2016 02:16 PM
Claim of ‘Increasing tornado outbreak clusters’ just doesn’t hold up
From the — is climate change responsible? department, in a word, no. Here’s why – it’s a reporting bias as I document here. More people, more cameras, more eyes on the event to make data for storm reports. And, until around 1975, multiple vortice tornado outbreaks weren’t really part of the scientific literature, because they hadn’t…
12/02/2016 02:52 AM
Climate Advocate Outrage Over “Global Cooling” Congress Tweet
Guest essay by Eric Worrall Green outrage is growing that Congress tweeted a link to an article by James Delingpole, which details how global average land temperature has just crashed by 1C (1.8F). Bernie Sanders Slams Climate Denying House Tweet Bernie Sanders sent a curt response to a climate change denying tweet from the House…

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Google News: Solar Power

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Google News: Biofuel

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Google News: Wind Power

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02/16/2008 11:42 PM
Biofuel: A Short Review
Ethanol, as in beer and wine, is an alcohol modified to utilize it as a fuel and making it undrinkable. Ethanol is produced by fermentation through a method similar to beer brewing of any biomass containing carbohydrates. At the present time, ethanol is derived from starches and sugars however there have been constant research to [...]
01/21/2008 11:32 AM
Biofuel and Its New Developments
Among the most promising replacement for nonrenewable fossil fuel (petroleum, coal, etc) are fuels made from organic materials, the so-called “biofuels”. The two widely used biofuels are ethanol and biodiesel. Each has its own pros and cons. However, the present technologies result in limitation of production for the reason that not all parts of a [...]
12/15/2007 06:24 AM
The Pros and Cons of Biofuels
There have been studies that prove the many benefits of substituting fossil fuels (petroleum, etc) with biofuels such as biodiesel and ethanol. In its simplest sense, such biofuels are biodegradable which means they are derived from organic materials. They are naturally renewable. It can create numerous jobs since our own farmers can practically make them [...]
11/19/2007 10:21 AM
Ethanol and Biodiesel: A Biofuel Comparison
The two most widely used types of biofuels are ethanol and biodiesel. Just a brief review, ethanol is an alcohol fuel derived from sugarcane, wheat, corn and biomass, thus including wasted cooking oil. It can be blended with conventional petroleum diesel to improve its octane level resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. On the other [...]
10/06/2007 07:43 AM
Uncovering a Biofuel: Ethanol
Ethanol is alcohol fuel derived from sugars found in crops such as rice, potato skins and sugarcane and it is commonly made from corn, sorghum and wheat. Corn is commonly the base material in the United States due to its affordability and availability. But in Brazil, sugarcane is widely used. Since it is produced from [...]
09/14/2007 08:33 AM
Biodiesel: In Depth
A type of biofuel that is now frequently used is biodiesel. Considered to be biodegradable and nontoxic, biodiesel is primarily produced from a chemical reaction of alcohol (commonly methanol) and a wide range of fats which include vegetable or animal oils and plant extracts such as corn, soybean, canola, and sunflowers. This reaction gets rid [...]
08/28/2007 02:23 PM
Why Choose Biodiesel?
How It Works To generate biodiesel, the raw oil is subjected to a process called “transesterification.” This refining method uses of an industrial alcohol (ethanol or methanol) and a catalyst (substance that speeds up the chemical reaction) resulting to a conversion of the oil into a fatty-acid methyl-ester fuel (biodiesel). It can be utilized in [...]
07/22/2007 04:40 PM
Precautionary Measures in Using Biodiesel in Your Engines
One of the main biofuels which is biodiesel is now widely used in the United States, Canada, Thailand, and many countries in Europe. Since it turns out to be increasingly common and generally used by the public as they become more knowledgeable of the positive effects, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations and [...]

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Google News: Wind Power

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